February Update

Sorry it’s been so long since I have updated! We have been very busy learning in Room E-133.

I cannot believe were are already half way through the third nine weeks. Your kids will be first graders before they know it!

February Reminders:

Friday, February 10th: Donuts with Dad

Tuesday, February 14th: Valentine’s Day

*Please decorate a box for Valentine’s Day! We will share Valentine cards with everyone in the class! I will send home a class list of names this week.

Thursday, February 16th: Early Dismissal and Parent Conferences

*If you would like to set up a conference, please let me know.

Friday, February 17th: Teacher Work Day-No School for Students

Monday, February 20th: President’s Day: No School

In Fundations, we have been tapping out CVC words, spelling words on our dry erase boards and using our magnetic letter boards to build those words. We have been reading sentences with trick words and scooping them into phrases. This unit has also focused on real and nonsense words.

Your children have been doing an amazing job reading their books to me from their R.E.D. folders. I am so proud of everyone! Keep up the good work!

In math, we finished learning about tally marks, graphing and coins. We also celebrate the 100th day of school on January 25th. We had so much in math stations doing all sorts of activities based around the number 100! This week we will begin learning teen numbers 11-20.

We have also been learning about arctic animals, hibernation and shadows! Ask your child what hibernation is and which animals they can name that hibernate in winter!

November Update


  • November 21st-Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast
  • November 28th-December 2nd-Holiday Shop

In Fundations, we finished learning all 26 letters of the alphabet. We are now beginning to tap out short three-letter CVC words and we are putting the alphabet in order from A-Z.

This month, we also started our READ EVERY DAY program. Your children have done an awesome job reading their books at home each night and then returning them at the end of the week. Each time your child successfully reads their book to me on Friday, they get a sticker! It is my hope that this program will help develop your child’s reading skills.

In math, we have been learning about measurement and measurement tools. Ask your child what tool is used to measure time, weight or length.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about Pocahontas and her father, Chief Powhatan. Ask your child if they remember Pocahontas’s new name after she moved to England!

Earlier in the month, we learned about Election Day. We read a book called “Duck for President.” Then, we held a mock election where the students voted for Farmer Brown or Duck for President. Each student filled out their own ballot and they even got an “I Voted!” sticker. We discussed the importance of voting and how elections are important in the United States.

That’s all for now! I am thankful for each and every one of my students this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ms. Litton

October Update


October is one of my favorite months of Kindergarten. I love all things fall! We have been busy learning about apples and pumpkins. We cannot wait till our field trip on October 21st. If you still need to send in field trip money, the cost is $12 per student.

So far, we have learned 15 letters in Fundations! Next week our letters are l, h and k. We are almost done! We will also begin learning -at words next week.

In math, we just finished up learning about patterns. We made patterns with everything. We used fruit loops, candy corns, die cut shapes, cubes, and many other classroom items to make patterns. Ask your child to create and label an AB, ABB, AABB, or ABC pattern. Next week we will begin learning numbers 0-10.


October 21: K field trip to Belvedere Plantation

October 28: Muffins with Mom

October 28: PTA Trunk or Treat Event: 6-8 p.m.

Welcome 2016-2017 Students!

I am so excited for this school year. We are off to a great start in Kindergarten. The first 8 days of school have been spent learning rules, procedures and expectations for this year. Your children have done an amazing job! We are practicing name writing, too.

This year, we are starting a new phonics program called Fundations. This program will help teach your child their letters and sounds. This week our letters are t, b and f. Ask your child about Echo the Owl.

In math, we have been learning positional words like above, below, and next to. We read Pete the Cat Wheels on the Bus to help up learn where things are located. Next week, we will begin learning about shapes.

In Social Studies we have been talking about citizenship and how we can be good citizen at school and in our community.  Next week we will focus on the Five Senses in Science.

I am looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at Llitton@ccps.us

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