February Update


February has been quite the busy month in our classroom.

On February 3rd, we celebrated the 100th day of school. Your child wore their cape to each Kindergarten classroom where they participated in activities involving the number 100. The students had a blast exercising 100 times, stacking 100 cups, making a 100 piece trail mix, etc. They also licked a lollipop 100 times. Our day was so much fun.  I enjoyed watching each student share their cape, as well. Now the countdown til summer begins!



Yesterday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in our classroom. The Valentine card boxes that your child created turned out great. Everyone’s box was so unique. The students were so excited to share their Valentine cards with their friends. We also created a bar graph with candy hearts.

IMG_0197  IMG_0199

It is truly a joy to teach your children,

Ms. Litton

P.S. Monday, February 16th (President’s Day) is a normal school day. It is a snow make-up day.